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Waxybolic, 4.5 Lbs (Nutrabolics) - click to enlarge
Waxybolic, 4.5 Lbs (Nutrabolics) - click to enlarge

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Waxybolic, 4.5 Lbs (Nutrabolics)

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Nutrabolics Waxybolic [Product Information]:

Introducing...Nutrabolics Waxybolic!

No matter what your sport or athletic activity, your body requires carbohydrates to perform at peak levels. These nutrients provide the energy to blast through intense workouts in addition to the fuel to replenish your muscles and maximize recovery and growth.

The primary problem is fueling your body for optimal performance. However, not just any carbohydrates are appropriate for maximum performance, simple sugars and other empty calories may provide you with an initial energy boost, but will leave you slow and tired shortly afterward. What your body really requires are complex carbohydrates that copy the ease of absorption associated with simple carbohydrates. However, it can be virtually impossible to satisfy both aspects of that nutritional equation. Despite the challenging problem, the experts at Nutrabolics were up to the task, and developed the solution, Nutrabolics Waxybolic Waxy Maize Carbohydrate Matrix!

Unlike the usual food sources, Nutrabolics Waxybolic blends the sustained energy of complex carbohydrates with the fast absorption of simple sugars, without the disadvantages associated with each. With Nutrabolics Waxybolic, you don't have to worry about bloating or a quick increase and decrease of insulin levels, you'll be too busy blasting through records and redefining limits. Scientific studies have shown that the primary components of Nutrabolics Waxybolic deliver a potent ergogenic effect, enabling athletes to perform more work during exercise sessions. The exclusive carbohydrate matrix provides immediate energy, yet does not spike insulin. The addition of Hydrolized Rice Syrup, which contains both short and long chain carbohydrates, guarantees a very powerful and sustained release.

The advantages of Nutrabolics Waxybolic don't end when your workout does. Actually, that's when the critical second stage is just beginning, recovery. Failing to give your muscles with the nutrients to refuel can take away all of your hard work in the gym. However, with Nutrabolics Waxybolic, this will never be a concern because the fast absorption enables you to start the recovery process as quickly as possible. In contrast to other supplements, Nutrabolics Waxybolic doesn't interfere with your other post workout products. In fact, it compliments them, helping to effectively deliver amino acids, creatine and protein to where they are needed most.

Nutrabolics Waxybolic Integrals are to have a supplement that incorporates a cutting edge carbohydrate matrix for sustained energy, fast absorption and nutrient transport, superior glycogen resynthesis and muscle volume, low in sugar and mixes instantly.

  • Cutting Edge Carbohydrate Matrix for Sustained Energy The primary ingredient in Nutrabolics Waxybolic is the highest quality Waxy Maize Starch available, which gives you high levels of energy without a huge insulin spike, guaranteeing that your blood glucose levels remain stable for your entire workout. In addition, Trehalose makes this matrix essentially the perfect carbohydrate, this rare, cutting edge nutrient is technically a simple sugar, yet has a sustained digestion rate to supply a constant stream of energy. Unlike other simple sugars, Trehalose regulates insulin levels, one study comparing Trehalose to glucose found that the latter group had 145 percent higher insulin levels!
  • Fast Absorption and Nutrient Transport Nutrabolics Waxybolic's exclusive molecular size and structure also provide you with all the benefits of numerous carbohydrate sources with absolutely none of the disadvantages. The precision formulated Hydrolized and Fractionalized Waxy Maize Starch bypasses the stomach and is immediately assimilated by the intestines and transported directly to the muscle cells. The cutting edge carbohydrate matrix bypasses the stomach to deliver glycogen exactly where it's needed, your muscles. Nutrabolics Waxybolic also transports essential nutrients like creatine and other cell volumization supplements in addition to amino acids to your muscle cells for ultimate recovery.
  • Superior Glycogen Resynthesis and Muscle Volume If you thought dextrose and maltodextrin were effective at supplying glycogen replenishment, prepare to be astonished. Clinical studies have shown that the primary ingredients contained in Nutrabolics Waxybolic refills muscle glycogen at nearly twice speed of dextrose and maltodextrin. In addition, you will experience the pump as more glycogen is shuttled to your muscles. In fact, one clinical study found Waxy Maize Starch provided nearly double the muscle glycogen concentration of resistant starch.
  • Low in Sugar and Mixes Instantly Nutrabolics Waxybolic is also extremely convenient. The unflavored formula can be easily integrated with your pre and post workout protein supplements so you don't have to sacrifice taste for results. The cutting edge Waxy Maize Carbohydrate Matrix mixes instantly, so you won't be choking down nasty clumps. In addition, each serving of Nutrabolics Waxybolic contains only one gram of sugar, ensuring that nutrients will be expanding your muscles, not your waistline.

Nutrabolics Waxybolic [Supplement Facts]:

Serving Size: 1 Scoop
Servings Per Container: 51  

Amount Per Serving  
Total Calories 150      
Sodium  30mg     
Total Carbohydrates  38g     
Sugars  1g   

WAXYBOLIC(tm is a waxy maize carbohydrate matrix.)

Ingredients: Hydrolyzed & fractionated waxy maize starch, trehalose, hydrolyzed rice syrup, glucose polymers, designer polysaccharolytic enzyme matrix (invertase, amylase, inulase)

Recommended Use: As a dietary supplement, mix 1-2 scoops of WAXYBOLIC(tm) with 8-16 oz of water, protein shake or your favorite beverage and then shake or blend until dissolved.

Read Product Label Completely Before Use. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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Waxybolic, 4.5 Lbs (Nutrabolics)

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Home > Categories > Discontinued - Not Currently Available > Waxybolic, 4.5 Lbs (Nutrabolics)

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